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With JOSERA you can be certain: As a German specialist in first-class petfood, we can look back at over 75 years of experience and expertise. Your pet’s health, outstanding taste, excellent digestibility and compatibility has highest priority in our Super Premium nutrition for dogs. If you decide to feed your pet with our products, you will get petfood with passion.

Professional Breeder is the line of Premium products created by Adragna Pet Food for professional users, capable of satisfying the various nutritional needs and tastes of dogs of all sizes. The products are made with ingredients of high quality that facilitate an optimal assimilation and have beneficial effects for the dog’s health, in addition to great appetibility.

Paw in Love is a delicious recipe for our furry friends, containing animal proteins sourced from Chicken and Lamb to ensure a scrumptious meal while also meeting the daily nutritional needs of our dogs.

Discover our range of Dog&Co products including wet and dry foods; using chicken as our main protein source makes this a greatly appetizing and highly digestible food that provides your dog with all its nutritional needs. This range contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 to ensure a healthy, shiny coat and a well-functioning immune system. Your dog will LOVE this recipe!

Cat&Co satisfies your cat's nutritional needs and physical stability thanks to its functional ingredients (nutraceutics) that contain beneficial substances with antioxidant properties. It contains highly digestable proteins from animal sources and helps combat food sensitivities and provides energy while maintaining relaxing effects.

Croque offers complete and balanced nutrition, carefully formulated by experts to meet the daily nutritional needs of cats of all sizes and breeds.

Delicious formulas with high nutritional value developed using selected high-quality ingredients. Eryx Products guarantee the correct supply of all necessary nutrients for a well-balanced growth and the maintenance of a healthy canine body.

Cedarol is a premium line of detergents aimed at providing the same superior quality as leading international brands at affordable pricing, made in Uganda. Our Cedarol 'Nature in your hands' product range sources organic oils from Ugandan Farmers to produce beautiful aromas from Uganda.