About Us

About Adma International

Adma International Ltd is a family business set-up in 2002 in both Uganda and Rwanda. Today the business is run by a second generation and has become Uganda’s leading distributor in Pet Food. We supply independent pet retailers and commercial stores across Uganda. Adma aims to consolidate its distribution activities by widening its portfolio across various sectors of FMCG. Adma now manufactures and distributes its own brand of detergents under the name Cedarol and aims to continuously introduce new products.

In Rwanda, Adma is the leading biscuit manufacturer and is well-established in more than 22 categories of biscuits. We are driven by the desire to maintain our market reputation for excellence, consistency, and trust.

Affiliated Companies

Adma Rwanda

 Manufacturers of High quality Biscuit Products

Samco Plastics Ltd

Manufacturers of PET Bottles and Preforms

Royal Molasses Ltd

Manufacturers of Added Value Tobacco Products

Adma Fisheries 

Producers of Quality Fish Fingerlings