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Cat&Co satisfies your cat’s nutritional needs and physical stability thanks to its functional ingredients (nutraceutics) that contain beneficial substances with antioxidant properties. It contains highly digestable proteins from animal sources and helps combat food sensitivities and provides energy while maintaining relaxing effects.

Croque offers complete and balanced nutrition, carefully formulated by experts to meet the daily nutritional needs of cats of all sizes and breeds.

Delicious formulas with high nutritional value developed using selected high-quality ingredients. Eryx Products guarantee the correct supply of all necessary nutrients for a well-balanced growth and the maintenance of a healthy canine body.

Cedarol is a premium line of detergents aimed at providing the same superior quality as leading international brands at affordable pricing, made in Uganda. Our Cedarol ‘Nature in your hands’ product range sources organic oils from Ugandan Farmers to produce beautiful aromas from Uganda.

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Get to know the Brands

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Affiliated Companies

Adma Rwanda

 Manufacturers of High quality Biscuit Products

Samco Plastics Ltd

Manufacturers of PET Bottles and Preforms

Royal Molasses Ltd

Manufacturers of Added Value Tobacco Products

Adma Fisheries 

Producers of Quality Fish Fingerlings

Adma International in Action